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Here is a tutorial for our new product, which allows you to get the highest yields in the DeFi market just with a couple of clicks.
More details about the SimpleFarm product are here.

How does it work?

To use this new functionality, you need to be registered on Nominex.
First, you can see a list of all pools in the Simple Farming section. Here are the pools, both coins of which are listed on Binance, with fairly high APRs.
It is also possible to filter the pools and show only pools with stablecoins, that is, you remove the risks, but here the APR is lower than on volatile coins.
You will see a section with more detailed information when choosing a pair. Here you can check all the details and invest your funds. Before that, you will see the amount of the network fee. The Nominex fee is 0% for now.
When the transaction goes through, the details are updated and you can see the amount of invested funds and statistics.

What happens after you invested?

After you invested, you have a few options: you can increase your investment, collect unclaimed rewards or withdraw funds.
Unclaimed rewards will be credited to the spot wallet within a few minutes after you claim. These rewards are always credited in USDT. Rewards converted to USDT from native protocol token automatically.
Please note, that you can withdraw only all funds at once, there is no possibility of partial withdrawal.
When a user has investments, the list of pools is shown in such a way that the pool with funds is at the top of the list. And it is marked as "my active pool", and the details are shown there.
Right now we only operate on the BSC network and use Thena data. Contact us via live chat or our official telegram channels if you have any questions or suggestions. We will be happy to help 👍

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