Boosting pools

Nomiswap has boosting pools based on the main launchpool. These pools give you extra rewards and have a lock period with a penalty on unstake.
Boosting is the process of locking funds in a pool for a specified period of time in exchange for an increase in the APR. The longer the blocking period, the greater the reward. When withdrawing funds from the pool, the bonus will be reset to zero, and the percentage will be recalculated when adding funds to the pool.
A boosting pool differs from the launchpool in that an autocompound occurs for every action. Boosting pools have an additional reward — the longer you lock the funds, the greater the reward.
After the end of the lock period, you can claim the boosting amount. Please note that you can claim your holder bonus at any time.
Be careful: if you want to unstake your funds before the end of the lock period, you will receive a penalty of 25% of the unstaking amount and your rewards will be burned in proportion to the unstaking amount.
All provided tokens are transferred to the launchpool on behalf of boosting contract. That means:
  • APR/APY depends on the launchpool’s APR/APY with an extra boosting rate.
  • amount of tokens depends on the total supply in all pools and users’ all pools share with reinvest.
Please note that funds that users invest in boosting pools will not be considered when calculating referral rewards. Holder bonus doesn't apply to these funds either (except the private pools).

Basic properties of the boosting pools

The boosting means that all accrued rewards (only the rewards) are multiplied by a factor/rate. The boosting rate depends on the particular pool.
The boosting pool APY is based on Launchpool APR and the rule that all received rewards are reinvested manually and immediately after the Lock Period.
*APY formula is below:
The principal amount is the amount of staked tokens without accrued rewards and reinvest. Stake before the end of Lock Duration increases the Principal Amount but the accrued rewards and reinvest are not included. Stake after the end of Lock Duration increases Principal Amount with reinvest.
The boosting amount means accrued rewards including reinvest. There are 2 parts in these rewards: autocompound and boosting. Boosting part is calculated as extra rewards on autocompound part. Boosting part is not used in autocompound.
You lock 1000 NMX with:
  • Lock Period = 30 days
  • APY = 140%
  • Boosting Rate = 10%
After 30 days you receive:
  • Аutocompound part = 68.86 NMX
  • Boosting part = 6.88 NMX
Total amount = Principal Amount + Boosting Amount
Lock duration is a period when unstake is possible only with penalty. Lock duration depends on a particular pool. Additional Stake increase Lock Duration.
Fee for early unstake before Lock Duration end:
  • Part of Principal Amount will be with penalty rate coefficient
  • Boosting Amount will be returned to the supplier source in case of full unstaking
  • Boosting Amount will be partially returned to the supplier source in case of partially unstaking
The penalty rate is 25% fee on the Principal Amount for unstake during the Lock Period.
The performance fee is a 2% fee for any unstake after the Lock Period, all fees will be returned to the supplier source.
Check more information about boosting pools in the FAQ section.

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