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Rewards for own referrals

In Nominex/Nomiswap you receive two types of referral rewards: Rewards for the activity of your own referrals and for the activity of your whole referral structure (binary tree) - Team Rewards.
Your own referrals - people who started to use the platform with your referral link.

There two rewards in this section

Referral Trading Reward - you get this reward when your own referral pays trading fees on Nomiswap. You get your reward 5 minutes after each of your referrals makes a trade on Nomiswap DEX. You get a certain percentage of their paid fees and this percentage depends on your own farming level - in other words on how much value you keep in liquidity pools and launchpools.
Referral Farming Reward - you get this reward when your own referrals farm tokens on Nomiswap. You get this reward every day at 0:00 UTC. All farmed tokens are summarized for the past day and you are rewarded with a certain percent of this amount. This percent depends on your own farming level which is determined by the total value of funds that you personally have invested in NMX farming pools.
➡️ Farming levels are measured based on USDT conversion at the time of investment and are not recalculated if the exchange rate is changed.
➡️ Replenishment of pools does not cause recalculation of previous investments. For example, there were 1000 NMX and BNB = 3000 USDT at the exchange rate on day X, there was an addition of 1000 NMX and BNB = 4000 USDT at the exchange rate on day XX, then the total amount based on that considered farming level 7000 USDT.
Farming levels and corresponding own referral rewards

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