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Frequently asked questions about boosting pools.
What is boosting?
Boosting is the process of locking funds in a pool for a specified period of time in exchange for an increase in the APR. The longer the blocking period, the greater the reward.
What is a lock period?
It is a period when unstake is possible only with a penalty and without accrued rewards. Lock duration depends on a particular pool. Additional stake increases the lock duration.
How are the Launchpool and boosting pools connected?
Each active boosting pool uses the Launchpool as its base. A boosting pool on your behalf adds liquidity to the Launchpool so your staked tokens are shared in the Launchpool and use Launchpool’s APR as base plus autocompound plus boosting rewards.
What’s the difference between a launchpool and a boosting pool?
In fact, active boosting pools stake in the Launchpool, but there are at least 4 main differences:
  • Lock Period — you can unstake only with a penalty (25%) and without accrued rewards
  • Autocompound on the Launchpool APR — accrued rewards reinvested at least once per day
  • Boosting rewards — extra factor on your rewards at the end of the Lock Period
  • Performance Fee — unstake fee (2%) from the unstaking amount after the Lock Period
So to get shown APY you should manually reinvest after the Lock Period and repeat reinvesting during a year. In this case, you get compound interest on the deposit, boosting rewards on the interest, and compound interest on the boosting rewards if reinvesting. But there is a limitation on deposit unstake during the lock period — it is possible only with a penalty.
When can I collect rewards from the boosting pool?
Rewards from the boosting pool can only be withdrawn after the lock period has expired.
What happens if I want to unstake before the lock period is finished?
You will be charged a 25% fee of the unstaking amount (so, if you put 100 NMX in the boosting pool and want to unstake 100 NMX, you will pay a penalty of 25% of 100 NMX. If you want to unstake only 50 NMX, 25% of 50 NMX will be burned). In addition, your farmed rewards will be burned proportionally to the unstaking amount.
What happens if I add funds to my boosting pool during the lock period?
If you add funds at the beginning of a lock period, your lock period will increase slightly, but the closer the lock period is to the end, the more significantly this period is recalculated.
Example 1:
You sent 100NMX to the boost pool for 30 days. The next day you decide to add another 100 NMX. In this case, the lock period will remain approximately 30 days, but the staked amount will be 200 NMX.
Example 2:
You sent 100 NMX to the boost pool for 30 days. On the last day of the lock period, you decide to add another 100 NMX, which means that your lock period will increase by about another 30 days, and the staked amount will also become 200 NMX.
What happens if I add funds to my boosting pool after the lock period?
If you add funds then boosting restarts and the lock period starts again.
How is APY counted?
Boosting pool APY is based on Launchpool APR and the rule that all received rewards are reinvested manually and immediately after the Lock Period. APY formula is below:
What happens after the lock period?
After the end of the lock period, farming continues based on Launchpool APR, and auto-reinvestments occur as before, but you do not receive additional interest on boosting. It is possible to start boosting again by adding funds.
How often is reinvestment made?
A reinvestment is made every time someone makes any operation with the boosting pool: stake/unstake/migration/boosting rewards claim. We also make a daily transaction from us for reinvestment on all pools. We make reinvestment at our own expense, you don’t pay for it.
What is a performance fee (2%)?
This is the commission that the exchange takes for any unstake after the lock period for providing the opportunity for continuous reinvestment. 2% is taken from the unstaking amount. You can transfer tokens from one boosting pool to another without the fee after the lock period and with rise of lock period.
Will I receive referral rewards from referrals who farm in the boosting pool?
No, funds that users invest in boosting pools will not be taken into account when calculating referral rewards. Holder bonus doesn't apply to these funds either (except the private pools).
Can I transfer funds from one boosting pool to another?
Yes, and you can do it without a Performance fee but you have to meet the following conditions: transfer after the lock period and transfer to a pool with a longer lock period
Why some pools are moved to the Private tab?
All the pools of the previous version are replaced by a new set with new features. The pools in the Private tab have some limitations, for example, stake or refill is prohibited. But you can unstake your tokens with a penalty during the lock period and without it after the lock period.
Why some pools are moved to the Finished tab?
All pools with finished NMX distribution are moved to the Finished tab.
What’s the difference between active and private boosting pools?
Private pools (the previous version of the boosting pools) are visible only for stakers and are partially inactive:
  • stake or refill is prohibited
  • only unstake or transfer to an active pool is allowed
Rewards in private pools:
  • Announced APY and Holder Bonus are saved for the lock period
  • After the lock period, APY is equal to the new Launchpool’s APR, autocompound is working, Holder Bonus is disabled
  • After the lock period, there are 2 possible actions: unstake with the Performance Fee or transfer to any active boosting pool without the Performance fee
  • After 30 days for 30 days pool, 90 days for 90 days pool, etc. from the release date APY is set to 0%, and the pools are finished
What's the difference between private and finished boosting pools?
There is no token emission on finished boosting pools, so APR/APY=0. The only possible actions are unstake with Performance Fee or transfer to any active boosting pool without Performance fee.