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Binary referral structure

Nominex/Nomiswap affiliate binary tree is an organizational structure, where new members are placed into a system with a tree-like structure where each new member of the organization has left and right sub-trees (teams).
Each member has 2 places at their first level, 4 places at their second level, 8 places on their third level and so on.
Every participant of the Affiliate Program has a Sponsor - the affiliate participant, whose referral link was used to sign up.
If the participant did not sign up using someone’s referral link, Nominex exchange automatically becomes their Sponsor itself.
As each first referral level consists of only 2 people, new members are placed on referral levels that are below the first referral level causing the spillover effect.
You have left and right teams. Each team may have a different number of participants who may do different activities: trade or not trade on Nominex or Nomiswap, farm or not farm, stake or not stake.

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