ABRA Airdrop for NMX holders

Cadabra Finance is the third crypto project in our group of companies. We started 4 years ago with and and we want to engage our community of existing projects to our new project Cadabra.
You can get extra pABRA on your Cadabra on-chain points if you are participating in:
  • Simple Farming on Nominex.
  • Farming on Nomiswap with NMX token.
  • Staking NMX token on Nomiswap.
Note: NMX in your wallet without staking/farming are not taken into account.
Resulted number of extra obtained pABRA points for NMX owners will be calculated this way:
<Earned standard on-chain pABRA> * NMX multiplier.
Users will obtain all these extra points at the end of the bounty program. It means that pABRA obtained by NMX owners will be accrued at the very end as one time operation, and these pABRA will be not visible in the Cadabra UI during the bounty program.
First, you need to link your Nominex account or Nomiswap wallet to Cadabra wallet. You can do it on Nominex/Nomiswap websites. Please note:
  • You do not need to link a Cadabra wallet if it is the same wallet which is used in Nomiswap.
  • It does not matter when you link your wallets but it should be before the end of the bounty program.
  • You could change your linked wallet but only the last one will be taken into account.
NMX Multipliers depend on your NMX Farming Level. You can read about levels here, and long story short - your farming level depends on the USDT equivalent put in farming/staking pools with NMX.
Base multiplier
Since there are no Farming levels for NMX staking, then a virtual NMX level will be calculated on the Cadabra side. The virtual level is calculated by the similar rules as a standard Farming Level. An initial virtual level will be set at the beginning of the bounty program based on the USDT equivalent of staked NMX.
Of course, you can change your NMX level during the bounty program. In this case we use the following rules:
  • We calculate the duration of each NMX level within the Bounty program (fl1, fl2... flN).
  • We calculate the share of the duration of each NMX level in the total duration of the bounty program (sh1, sh2 ... shN)
  • The result will be the NMX multiplier calculated as the sum of the duration shares of each level, multiplied by the corresponding base multipliers of each farming level (sh1*Level1+sh2*Level2+ … + shN*LevelN)
Note: If you have different NMX wallets linked to the Cadabra wallet then maximum NMX level is taken into account.
  • The duration of the bounty program is 100 days (actually 90 days, but it’s easier to show 100 days with an example).
  • Let's say in total you have reached 10 000 on-chain pABRA.
  • For the first 10 days you do not have any NMX level - there will be no NMX multiplier for this period.
  • Then you placed $500 in NMX farming and reached the PRO level.
  • For the next 30 days, your farming level will be PRO.
  • This period coefficient is 0.3 (or 30% of 100 days), and the NMX multiplier is 6%.
  • Then you send another $1000 in NMX farming and reach the VIP level.
  • For the next 60 days, your farming level will be VIP.
  • The period share is 0.6 (60% of 100 days), and the NMX multiplier is 7%.
  • Your resulting NMX multiplier will be (0.3*6+0.6*7) = 6%.
Then at the end of the Bounty program you receive 10600 pABRA including extra 6% or 600 pABRA as a NMX token owner.
Note: Actual numbers will vary as accruals run on a regular schedule and whale protection.
All details and full conditions for participation in the airdrop for all categories of users are described in a separate article.
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