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SimpleFarm — Farming/Staking/Lending aggregation and management automation web3 platform. SimpleFarm allows you to get the highest yields in the whole DeFi market just with a couple of clicks.
Throughout the DeFi market, there are a huge number of different farming, staking, and lending protocols that work on a large number of different blockchains.
Using the same assets or tokens, you can have different profitability (APR) on different platforms. Therefore, to maximize profitability, you need to constantly keep your finger on the pulse: track changes in profitability on all this variety of different protocols and transfer funds to more profitable ones, including transferring funds between different blockchains. And also, in order to maximize profitability, it is necessary to convert farmed rewards into reliable currencies in time and/or reinvest in the same protocols.
Having extensive experience with DeFi, we can say with confidence that the vast majority of DeFi market participants end up simply investing in one or several protocols and do not engage in this routine, which, in addition to everything, requires high qualification and great care when choosing new protocols. As a result, most people get a substantially less net return on their “favourite” protocol than the potential return on the entire market.
SimpleFarm does all this for you and does it automatically, guaranteeing you the highest yield possible in the entire DeFi market of farming, staking, and landing protocols.

🛠 What has already been implemented?

The current very first version of this new tool has been implemented in a short time. The main goal now is to understand whether the market needs such an instrument and whether it will be in demand. Therefore, the first MVP is implemented on only one protocol, which we have chosen based on the relatively high current profitability. Also, in the first version, any automations have not yet been implemented.
Right now, you can deposit your funds into the farming pool of your choice in a few clicks, which is great for simplifying the process for those who have not yet dived into the technical part of the DeFi mechanic.
It is extremely important for us to get as many reviews, comments, and suggestions as possible on our new product and on the idea itself so that we understand how viable this idea is and how much our plan for further product development meets your expectations. Please share all your comments in our official chats (all links are below).
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