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Check our SimpleFarm roadmap and development plan here.
Auto-claim rewards
The auto-claim strategy allows users to minimize the risks of damping of the earned token (in which rewards for farming or staking are accrued) by periodically exchanging these tokens for stablecoins.
Auto-reinvest rewards
The Auto-reinvest strategy allows users to maximize their staking/farming profits by reinvesting their rewards back into the pool, thereby earning compound interest.
Integrate more DeFi protocols
A constant increase in supported protocols.
(single network)
The multipool concept implies that the user chooses coins for farming but not specific pools on a specific protocol. For example, a multipool on stablecoins means that the user starts farming with any stablecoin he has, and the system automatically selects the most profitable pool in terms of profitability in the entire DeFi market at the current moment, while converting the user’s stablecoins into the ones necessary for the selected protocol and for the selected blockchain.
Shared wallet
Transfer all strategy funds to a single fund management wallet for all participants to minimize transaction fees. This will allow to operate with the tokens very cheaply for each individual user in order to maximize profits.
(single network)
Constant monitoring of the profitability of DeFi protocols throughout the market and the transfer of funds to the most profitable at the moment.
Extending multi-pools to most of the currently available blockchains.
Liquidity staking
Simple liquidity staking followed by the following investment of derivative tokens.
Professional liquidity manager
Add-ons over Uniswap v3 and other complex protocols (other than AMM) where it is needed to constantly manage the parameters of the provided liquidity.
Strategy for blue chip holders (BTC, ETH, etc.). Pawn the asset, receive stablecoins, invest stablecoins in farming pools, automatically track the moment of liquidation and repay the loan.
Looping and making multiple iterations of Lend-borrow-farm-autoclose to maximize profits.
Portfolio staking
The system automatically selects the most profitable combinations of investment strategies for the selected set of tokens.
Index investment strategy
Investing and getting profit from a combination of several of the most profitable strategies at the moment.
Partnership boosting
Partnership with external platforms and boosting with us for promo.
Lend-borrow-farm constructor
Feature that allows users to create their own strategies on Lend-borrow-farm-autoclose and receive a share from other users' investments
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